Adelaide is the bustling metropolis of South Australia. It is home to some of the most iconic landmarks or Australia and a laid back state of mind all around. Due to many developing eating and drinking patterns, our patrons in Adelaide seem to be suffering with male and female pattern baldness at very early ages in their life. This also holds into account the changing climate and other “social” activities people have adapted to such as excessive drinking or consumption of other intoxicants.

Our customers in Adelaide are free from the hassle of crowded cities as the whole of Adelaide is only home to 1.3 million people so far. However, this also links to the fact that there aren’t many specialised hair and scalp treatment clinics. Especially not herbal treatment centres. We see a great opportunity to help Adelaideans in terms of natural hair loss solutions. Our methods are safe and extremely human friendly. We employ the Herbal Follicle Activation technique to ensure even and natural hair growth. This is done by creating a suitable scalp environment to activate hair follicles and promote natural hair growth without any side effects.

The Australian Hair and Scalp clinic is widely acclaimed, not just in Australia but across over 2300 clinics all over the world. After having helped over 30 million people in the last 4 decades, we can safely tell you that our treatment is undisputed with over 13 international awards in the hair loss treatment industry.

We are planning to open up our brand new clinic in Adelaide. In the meanwhile, we urge our customers in Adelaide to drop an enquiry through the online enquiry form below or call on 1800 001 101 for an extensive consultation on how to get started.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience with a treatment that has been used since many centuries in China
  • Highly qualified and certified trichologists
  • Customised treatment packages to suit individual requirements
  • There are no side effects from our treatments. You can trust our over 20 years of experience
  • Focus is also kept on internal issues that lead to hair-loss and not just external symptoms
  • Our aim is to leave you with a healthy scalp that can take care of itself for a prolonged duration