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Adelaide - Hair Loss Treatment

Adelaide is the bustling metropolis of South Australia. It is home to some of the most iconic landmarks or Australia and a laid back state of mind all around. Due to many developing eating and drinking patterns, our patrons in Adelaide seem to be suffering with male and female pattern baldness at very early ages in their life. This also holds into account the changing climate and other “social” activities people have adapted to such as excessive drinking or consumption of other intoxicants.

Our customers in Adelaide are free from the hassle of crowded cities as the whole of Adelaide is only home to 1.3 million people so far. However, this also links to the fact that there aren’t many specialised hair and scalp treatment clinics. Especially not herbal treatment centres. We see a great opportunity to help Adelaideans in terms of natural hair loss solutions. Our methods are safe and extremely human friendly. We employ the Herbal Follicle Activation technique to ensure even and natural hair growth. This is done by creating a suitable scalp environment to activate hair follicles and promote natural hair growth without any side effects.

The Australian Hair and Scalp clinic is widely acclaimed, not just in Australia but across over 2300 clinics all over the world. After having helped over 30 million people in the last 4 decades, we can safely tell you that our treatment is undisputed with over 13 international awards in the hair loss treatment industry.

We are planning to open up our brand new clinic in Adelaide. In the meanwhile, we urge our customers in Adelaide to drop an enquiry through the online enquiry form below or call on 1800 001 101 for an extensive consultation on how to get started.

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Pharmaceutical hair loss treatments can result in a range of serious health problems. These can affect not just your outward appearance, but also how hard your body is working underneath it all. When considering long term treatment, each case can be emotionally and physically draining, especially for cases of Androgenetic Alopecia that require extra care.

HFA combines a natural approach and an obvious, safe solution. Our multi-therapeutic, in-clinic treatments are incredibly safe and when combined with our award winning products, leave you looking and feeling good.

Why care about just your hair or your well-being, when HFA can help you take care of both? Some of the key products we offer and use in our treatments include: The Hair Health tablets, which are made with natural ingredients, and are Australian TGA approved. Our Hair Tonic Series (available as a topical solution), which has enjoyed success in Australia for over 20 years with no reported cases of major side effects. HFA provides you the option that is safe, smart, and shown to work.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience and over 30 million satisfied customers
  • Highly experienced trichologists offering customised treatment plans for every individual
  • We have secured over 13 international awards for our herbal treatment processes
  • We have secured over 13 international awards for our herbal treatment processes
  • Healthy scalp for prolonged period of time without any side effects
  • Competitive prices and state of the art facilities

  • The products and services we offer have helped over 30 million people all over the world
  • Over 40 years of collective treatment experience
  • Only natural/herbal methods employed to steer clear from side-effects and prolonged damage
  • Get your confidence back in less than 4 months
  • We currently offer incentives on our 4 month program
  • Highly trained and specialised trichologists
  • Customised treatment packages to suit different scalp types

Reach out to us and book your consultation or call us on 1800 001 101

Treat your dandruff with our unique deep cleanse Scalp Detox treatment.

Dandruff Treatment

There are various reasons for hair loss – hormonal imbalances, genetics, stress, fungal infections on the scalp and deficiency of certain nutrients. But effective treatment can prevent hair loss, slow down the process and even help regrow hair. If you are in the early stages of hair loss, hair loss treatments at Australian Hair & Scalp Clinics can make a positive difference. For almost 30 years, Australian Hair and Scalp Clinics have helped people overcome their hair and scalp issues. After treatment, many people feel lighter, more confident and grateful towards our staff.

Our natural hair loss treatment includes Hair Health Tablets and Tonics both made with natural ingredients. Our products, that are approved by The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA), have had much success in Australia with no reported side effects. These products can help you strengthen your existing hair, reduce excessive hair loss and regrow your hair naturally.

Our qualified specialists at Australian Hair&Scalp Clinics will diagnose the cause of your hair loss. They will also assess the stage and severity of your hair loss and explain to you the most effective treatment for your condition.

Are you in Melbourne and Brisbane and facing hair loss? Relax, we can help you.

A certified Trichologist will examine the cause and severity of your hair and scalp problem and recommend the most effective treatment. They can help you if you have issues such as hair loss, hair breakage, oily scalp and scalp psoriasis. These professionals can also help you with conditions like Alopecia Areata and trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder.

Further, we have hair treatment specialists to treat your grey hair, itchy/oily scalp, hair shaft repair and seborrheic dermatitis.

Choosing the proper treatment from the beginning is essential. MPHL (Male Pattern Hair Loss) requires special treatment, while the wrong type of treatment can damage your hair and physical health long term. Be warned that a pharmaceutical hair loss treatment can have negative health side effects. Our skilled consultants in Melbourne and Brisbane will provide you with expert, sound guidance in regards to male hair loss as well as treatment.

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) is often identified by thinning hair in the front/top areas of the scalp. Factors like thyroid issues, menopause, anemia and hormonal imbalances are commonly responsible for female hair loss. Our qualified trichologists will guide you to appropriate natural medicines to overcome female hair loss.

If the patient so wishes, Australian Hair&Scalp Clinics will provide a print out of their assessment notes to date.

If you are suffering from any type of hair loss, it is important to remind yourself that overall body health will have an impact on the amount of hair you can regrow. A chronically sick person will have a limited chance to grow back their hair while a fit and healthy individual will see better results with our treatments.

At Australian Hair & Scalp Clinics, our products are made with natural ingredients and approved by the TGA. Our Hair Health Tablets were designed based upon traditional herbs used in Chinese medicine for over 500 years; these herbs are not harmful but promote hair growth and strengthen existing hair. Our Aushair herbal treatment products are safe to use long-term and have an effectiveness rate of 99%.

Our current treatment products include a range of hair tonics including Alopecia, tonics for grey hair, scalp shampoo and conditioner, special combs for hair, scalp massage and nourishment.

With the wholesome goodness of selected herbs, our shampoo nourishes hair follicles and reduces frizz. Our Aloe Vera conditioner provides moisture to the hair, leaving it fuller and softer while supporting general hair health.

We have a hair and scalp tonic that deeply cleanses the scalp, reduces itchiness and nourishes it. Our Anti-Grey Tonic helps return hair to its natural colour gradually over time. Moreover, continuous use of our wooden comb can make a considerable difference in the health of our hair and scalp.

Reach out to us and book your consultation or call us on 1800 001 101.

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