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Herbal Follicular Activation

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The Most Effective & Natural Hair Loss Treatment in Brisbane

Watch our video on “No harmful pharmaceutical hair loss drugs – Hair regrowth by Herbal Follicular Activation”. Our Brisbane Clinic provides the best hair loss treatment for males & females.

Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic’s Hair loss treatment in Brisbane is based upon a non-obtrusive process called Herbal Follicular Activation (HFA), an antidote for stopping the process of hair miniaturisation.

Herbal Follicular Activation stops abnormal/excessive hair fall as well regrows lost hair. This hair regrowth treatment in Brisbane by Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic employs a number of herbal methods and medications to create an environment that promotes hair regrowth. This hair loss treatment in Brisbane will restrict DHT build-up and nourish hair follicles, and, thus reverse the process of miniaturisation.

Benefits of our hair regrowth treatment in Brisbane

  1. Reduces scalp sebaceous oil gland secretion
  2. Decreases scalp and hair follicle inflammation
  3. Supports the body’s natural hormonal balance as well as other important physiological functions
  4. Improves the internal and external environment of the hair follicle
  5. Promotes a healthy scalp pH balance

Why choose Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic’s Hair loss treatment in Brisbane?

  1. Visibility of the regrown hair will be noticeable within 4 months of steady treatment.
  2. With regular use, abnormal/excessive hair loss will pause,
  3. Clean scalp; no dandruff dead skin cells and dried sebum.
  4. Closed pores of the scalp will open
  5. Miniaturization of the hair follicle will be reversed

If you are seeking hair regrowth treatment in Brisbane, then feel free to visit our clinic for a consultation.

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Spring Hill,QLD,4000

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