Do you have an upcoming wedding but are suffering from hair loss? At the Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic we offer personalised treatment to stimulate natural hair regrowth and can deliver fast results with the extra strength dosage. Our hair regrowth treatment is facilitated by Herbal Follicular Activation (HFA) which is a whole-body approach to treating hair loss that considers your personal needs, whether your hair loss be related to local hair follicle dysfunction (blood flow restriction or inflammation) or other factors such as sleep, diet and stress. The treatment is a relaxed session with a friendly therapist once a month and there’s no injections, no drugs and no pain.

One of our clients Tanya after experiencing hair thinning in relation to female pattern baldness and another general health factor, found our personalized once a month treatment particularly helpful with an upcoming wedding that she wanted to feel and look her best at. After six months treatment Tanya experienced remarkable hair regrowth allowing her to feel confident and excited for the wedding.