Compared to the other cities that we work in, Canberra can be seen to have the lowest and the youngest population in Australia. This isn’t particularly alarming in terms of being a busy city. However, most of the highest government officials and authorities reside in Canberra, and making a good first impression is seen to be ideal in such roles. Maintaining good health and a good look can go a long way in developing fruitful relationships and being a successful public figure.

The Australian Hair and Scalp clinic is set out to help educate the population of Canberra to take matters into their own hands before their condition becomes a serious liability to their personal and professional life. There are several chemical based treatments available, and they can guarantee results in abnormally less spans of time. However, the side effects of such treatments can be detrimental and far longer lasting than the actual benefits of such treatments. There are numerous reasons for male and female pattern baldness. HFA is a answer.

What is HFA?

HFA stands for Herbal Follicular Activation. It’s an age old hair treatment technique that has been used for emperors of the Ming Dynasty in China. The treatment deals with internal health issues rather than providing quick fixes of external symptoms. The herbal techniques ensure that each follicle is activated by creating a suitable environment on the scalp. This treatment reduces the accumulation of DHT and eventually reverses the hair miniaturisation to ensure you get your look back.

We are in the process of opening up a brand new clinic in Canberra. In the meantime, we always encourage our Canberra clientele to contact us on 1800 001 101or drop an enquiry through the form below. This can enable us to get back to you and provide an initial consultation over the phone or email, after which we invite you to join us at our headquarters in Melbourne or our herbal clinic in Brisbane. We will take good care for you and assure you results within 4 months of starting the treatment process.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience and over 30 million satisfied customers
  • Highly experienced trichologists offering customised treatment plans for every individual
  • We have secured over 13 international awards for our herbal treatment processes
  • Healthy scalp for prolonged period of time without any side effects
  • Competitive prices and state of the art facilities

Why Choose Us?

  • The products and services we offer have helped over 30 million people all over the world
  • Over 40 years of collective treatment experience
  • Only natural/herbal methods employed to steer clear from side-effects and prolonged damage
  • Get your confidence back in less than 4 months
  • We currently offer incentives on our 4 month program
  • Highly trained and specialised trichologists
  • Customised treatment packages to suit different scalp types