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Computerised Hair and Scalp Analysis

Initial Analysis and Recommendation

At the Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic, you will firstly require a computerised hair and scalp analysis using a magnified camera to view your hair as it grows through at scalp level. This provides exact quantification of the current hair and scalp condition. Once the analysis report is completed our evaluation staff will explain the results to you and then recommend a suitable hair loss control and recovery program.

Ongoing Follow Up Service

Our Hair & Scalp Clinic provides a computerised hair and scalp analysis every 2-4 months depending on your type and level of hair loss. One of our experienced Evaluation Staff will check your progress and document improvements with reference to photographs and data taken throughout your treatment period.

Cost of Analysis

The regular cost for a Computerised Hair and Scalp Analysis is $55 (normally valued at $110) and takes approximately 30 minutes. For customers who are on one of our treatment programs there is no extra charge for ongoing hair and scalp checks.


Consultation Flow Chart

Consultation Flow Chart

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