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Hair Loss Treatment Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s most densely populated city and one that is falling prey to men and women’s hair loss issues, more often than it seems to be reported. Our records have always shown high for customers coming from Sydney. There are several reasons for male and female pattern baldness in Australia. They can be linked to the dry weather, harsh sunlight during summer peak times, genetics that have descended into the later generation from previous family members and above all, the stress levels that most of us are put through on a daily basis.

The Australian Hair Scalp clinic works in harmony with nature to provide you a holistic treatment that steers clear from any side effects. Our process is not a quick fix that leaves you happy for a few days, only to be bogged down again by male pattern baldness. We offer an advanced and intensive 4 month program that is designed specifically for your needs and conditions. As each human being is unique, so are our symptoms and conditions. And individual success stories only happen when we can acknowledge that fact and create a customised treatment plan for your scalp.

We plan to open an office in Sydney soon. However, in the meantime, all our Sydney based customers prefer to fly over to our headquarters in Melbourne or our clinic in Brisbane. The Australian Hair Scalp Clinic offers extensive consultation over the phone and email. If you’d like to receive a call or email from us to get you started, please fill out the online enquiry form below or free call 1800 001 101.

Why Choose Us?

  • The products and services we offer have helped over 30 million people all over the world
  • Over 40 years of collective treatment experience
  • Only natural/herbal methods employed to steer clear from side-effects and prolonged damage
  • Get your confidence back in less than 4 months
  • We currently offer incentives on our 4 month program
  • Highly trained and specialised trichologists
  • Customised treatment packages to suit different scalp types

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