What further research is required on the psychological effects of hair loss?

Body image is consistently portrayed and commented upon in the media. The media emphasises an expectation of a full head of hair. But what is needed is a mediathat can educate society about hair loss and promote a tolerance of people’s physical differences.

While you have your preferred treatment for hair loss you can do the following to reduce stress:

  1. Accept the fact that you are losing hair. This may be hard to do when you have enjoyed a full head of healthy hair for so many years. Let go, relax and accept your appearance as much as you can.The greatest beauty is on the inside, your inner glow, your shining personality.
  2. Learn meditation, yoga or some other eastern health practice to merge your mind with your Spirit. The more we do this the less we will be concerned about the outer world and your changing appearance.
  3. Physical activity is an excellent way to overcome stress and promote feelings of wellness and optimism. Exercise releases hormones in the brain called endorphins which make you feel good and more able to accept your hair loss.
  4. Too much junk food will make you feel heavy and tired. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can and you will feel lighter, brighter and more able mentally to deal with your hair loss problem. Also drink about eight glasses of water each day to flush out toxins (chemicals, additives etc.).
  5. Support from a friend or professional. Isolation can increase fear and worry about our hair loss. But if we share our experience of hair loss with a friend or professional, we immediately feel better. We have been heard, we feel less alone, we feel their support. Don’t feel that you must go through your hair loss alone.

Australian Hair & Scalp Clinics

As part of our natural and holistic approach to hair loss treatment, we always recommend our clients to pay attention to their lifestyle and manage stress levels. We understand that psychological problems can be a contributing factor to hair loss and therefore people should either learn to manage daily stressors themselves or seek professional advice from a qualified practitioner.