At the Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic we regularly hear from our clients about their improved self-confidence after undergoing our treatment.

One client, Jaimmy recounted her experiences with female pattern baldness. Jaimmy tried medication which caused an allergic reaction, she flew overseas for hair injections and used various other tonics, to no avail. Eventually she discovered the Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic and went through our hair loss consultation, signing on to the recommended specialized treatment. After just two treatments Jaimmy’s friends and colleagues, and herself, noticed significant improvement in her hair loss and resulting personal happiness.

Our clients often like Jaimmy have prior struggles with other treatments, experiencing difficult side effects and a lack of hair regrowth. The Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic offers an alternative stimulating natural hair regrowth via plant extract solution that is administered in a relaxed session with a friendly therapist once a month, and requires no injections, no drugs and no pain.