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Hair Loss Treatment Melbourne

Male and female pattern baldness is a crucial time in one’s life. And depending on what type of treatment and help you seek, will determine the future of this condition in your life. The side effects of a lot of Hair Regrowth treatments and therapies involving synthetic chemicals and oral drugs can be devastating in a lot of the cases.

We often give into what we think is legitimate research by someone in a white lab coat. But we fail to comprehend the side effects till they actually happen to us. This is why we have always relied on organic/natural and herbal remedies to cure this unnerving pattern baldness. Our bodies react best with herbal medications because it fits perfectly into our system without upsetting the hormones and without causing any type of disease.

We treat male and female pattern baldness at our Melbourne hair regrowth and hair loss treatment clinic. The reason we speak more extensively about male pattern baldness is because through our research and surveys we have found that women generally take great care of their hair and are always alert about their follicular health. They’re conscious about what type of hair products they use, and their choices are always evolving with new market releases and the collective understanding of the health and beauty culture. Whereas a lot of the men and women don’t react to such situations till they’re in need of professional help.

Our Melbourne clinic offers extensive help for clients with problems related to Androgenetic Alopecia (Pattern hair loss) and Alopecia Areata (Patchy hair loss). As mentioned above, we employ natural and herbal methods to work around different types of hair loss conditions. In recent times, we’ve observed that most of the medical industry has been targeting the symptoms rather than the core problem. This is why we have taken it onto yourself to only provide treatments that promote long term health benefits without causing any type of internal or external damage. We offer the Herbal Follicular Activation therapy which facilitates natural hair growth. These herbal applications are targeted to specific areas of the scalp so as to keep the treatment relevant and highly concentrated.

Why Choose Us?

  • Focus on core problem rather than external symptoms
  • We aim to provide long term herbal solutions rather than short lived illusions and side effects
  • You will be treated and consulted by certified and highly experienced Trichologists (Hair and Scalp specialists)
  • We offer customised hair regrowth treatments. This is a highly sought after service since every individual is different and is at a different stage of hair loss
  • Once you get treated with us, and also before any treatment is started- you will be provided with a detailed report about your current situation and the details of the treatment plan that is to follow
  • 100% positive results for the past 5 years, for all the customers who finished our Trichologist suggested hair program

For the sake of further reassurance, Aus Hair is the winner of 13 international awards and the preferred provider of many happy clients all over the world. For more information give us a call or drop us an email today to book your appointment in Melbourne.

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