Hair Loss Treatment Melbourne

Are you looking for a natural solution for hair regrowth in Melbourne? Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic specialises in the best and professional natural herbal treatment that works for hair loss sufferers in Melbourne. We do it all without the harmful pharmaceutical hair loss drugs. Our hair restoration programs can treat both male and female hair loss, involving all the problems related to Androgenetic Alopecia (pattern hair loss) and Alopecia Areata (patchy hair loss).

HAIR REGROWTH TREATMENT MELBOURNE THROUGH HERBAL FOLLICULAR ACTIVATION : Without any side effects, our Herbal Follicular Activation (HFA) method is highly effective in stimulating new hair regrowth and facilitating natural hair treatment. We only use 100% natural herbal extracts to reverse the miniaturisation process which leads to abnormal hair loss. These herbal products contain special “targeting technology” that directs the key hair regrowth ingredients to the most affected areas of the scalp. HFA effectively controls the production of 5-a-reductase enzyme at the follicles, therefore reducing the quantity of DHT acting upon genetically susceptible hair follicles. Our method is a professionally-supervised program formulated exclusively to naturally regrow your hair. This treatment protocol involves no surgery or injections, only the best natural hair regrowth products, used optimally.


  • Consultation with Certified Hair & Scalp Specialist (Trichologist)
  • Customised hair regrowth treatments for men at all stages of hair loss
  • Receive a professional hair & scalp report and your herbal hair regrowth plan
  • All natural products, with no side effects Know your results upfront
  • 100% Guaranteed results

We are based in Melbourne and offer the best natural hair loss treatment with high success rate. Our services in natural hair treatment have been bestowed with 13 international awards and many gratified customers worldwide.
The cure for your hair loss and associated problems is here! Speak to one of our highly knowledgeable professionals at 1800 001 101 and book an appointment for hair regrowth treatment Melbourne. 100% natural hair treatment!



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