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What is Paediatric Alopecia Areata? Causes and Treatment

Alopecia areata (AA) is a non-scarring autoimmune disease of the hair follicle that can happen at any age but has a slightly greater prevalence in children than adults. Its management can be challenging, with cases experiencing a small proportion of hair loss that can bring about psychological morbidity.

The common causes are non-medical like pulling hair too tight, newborn hair loss, rough brushing, tinea capitis – fungal infection, alopecia areata, trichotillomania – usual child habits like hair pulling or plucking, telogen effluvium – severe illness or stressful event, endocrine problem or nutritional deficiency.

Studies reveal that paediatric-onset alopecia areata is more commonly found among girls than boys but is more severe in boys. Children typically present a sudden patch of hair loss in round or oval shape and have a complete bald smooth surface.

There are various alopecia treatments, depending upon your child’s condition. Consultation, medication and counselling at the right time can be the fastest remedy to treat your child’s Alopecia areata (AA), and there is plenty of hope through effective treatments. At Australian Hair and Scalp Clinics, our skilled doctors will analyse the cause of your child’s paediatric hair loss and help resolve the difficulties.

Excellent Paediatric Hair Loss Treatment Clinic in Melbourne and Brisbane

Australian Hair and Scalp Clinics has been a well-known hair treatment specialist in the surrounding suburbs for more than 30 years. Our qualified doctors will observe your younger one’s scalp condition and recommend treatment accordingly. Management of our paediatric alopecia will need careful consideration of the child, parents and siblings. Our Paediatric Alopecia doctors will encourage positive hair tug at the edge and prescribe a blood test or trichoscopy if the disease looks very active.

They may suggest the use of our herbal products are made from natural ingredients like shampoo and conditioner along with medicines that would help regrow hair in the affected areas. Our certified doctors may also suggest counselling or expert advice if the disease is caused due to trichotillomania or nutritional deficiencies.

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