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Paediatric Hair Loss

Pediatric dermatologists may recommend the following treatment options for Paediatric Hair Loss: topical steroids, injections of steroids, topical minoxidil (Rogaine), topical irritants and immunotherapy or pills that turn down the immune system.

Management of paediatric alopecia may also require counselling not only for the child patient but also their parents and any siblings. The clinical manifestation may be subtle or disfiguring and may lead to low self-esteem, depression and social isolation.

Tinea capitis
Most commonly scaly patches of alopecia or patches of alopecia with small black dots.

Alopecia areata
Patchy or confluent hair loss occurring on the scalp or any hair-bearing area of the body. Typically a circular patch with normal-appearing scalp skin.

Traction alopecia
The cause is constant stress on the hair due to styling, ponytails, braiding, use of hair rollers and weaving.

An impulsive disorder with the compulsion to pull or pluck hair. More common in girls than boys.

Telogen effluvium
Occurs approximately three months after an inciting event (eg medical illness, stress, medication, nutritional disorder). Shedding generally resolves within three to six months then may take six months for density to improve.