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Hair Thinning Treatment

6 Treatments That May Actually Work

  1. Minoxidil (Rogaine). This medication is a foam or a liquid that you apply to your scalp. You can buy it over the counter without a prescription. You may have to use it for several months before your hair starts to thicken. Remember, if you do regrow hair, you’ll lose it again if you stop taking minoxidil.
  2. Finasteride (Propecia). This prescription medication is taken by mouth. You may have to take Finasteride for a number of months before you see results and you’ll lose new hair if you choose to stop taking it.
  3. Microneedling. A device with hundreds of tiny needles that you use on your scalp which may help hair grow according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Their site states that research suggests that microneedling may work better if you use it in conjunction with another hair loss treatment.
  4. Hair transplant. This type of surgery can give you lasting, positive results. A surgeon removes individual hairs from one part of your scalp and transplants them to thinning or balding areas. The surgery takes from 4 to 8 hours. It is recommended that you first talk with a dermatologist to see if this treatment is right for you.
  5. Low-level laser therapy. The American Academy of Dermatology says research suggests that this scalp treatment may help the following conditions:
    • Male-Pattern Hair Loss
    • Alopecia Areata
    • Hair loss from chemotherapy
    • Healing and hair growth after a hair transplant
  6. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP). A doctor takes a little of your blood and puts it in a centrifuge machine that removes the plasma from it. Then they inject the plasma into the areas on your scalp where you’re losing hair. The whole procedure takes around 10 minutes. No clinical studies to date but results have been promising.

Hair Thinning Treatment Specialists in Melbourne and Brisbane

We all know that hair plays a key role in our appearance, regardless of its colour, style, and length, but what matters most is how healthy it is. Hair is made of keratin, a protein forming the hair shaft – the nonliving part above the scalp’s surface that anchors your hair to the scalp. Those hair shafts can grow thick or thin and cause hair loss or growth.

Chemical treatments, grooming habits, traction from braiding or a tight ponytail, heat from a hairdryer and environmental exposure may result in the hair shaft weathering, changing the hair surface, leading to hair breakage and forming thin hair, a receding hairline, or a bald spot on the head. The longer the thinning hair problem is left untreated, the more difficult it is to regenerate the damaged hair follicles, the living part of the hair under the skin.

Proper hair thinning treatment in the early stage can smooth down the hair follicles and help repair the damaged hair look. At the Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic, our dermatologist will diagnose the reason behind your shaft damage and suggest suitable treatments that are effective for your hair type and conditions. They may recommend natural hair shaft repair treatment in addition to our effective hair loss treatments.

Successful Clinic to Treat Your Hair Thinning

Australian Hair and Scalp Clinics specialises in addressing hair loss issues and helping restore your hair to its natural, youthful state. Our team of qualified doctors will evaluate your hair loss circumstances and prescribe tonics and tablets for hair thickening and regrowth.

We realise that some prefer wearing hair extensions or wigs while their treatment is in progress; thus, we have a wide range of hair pieces to suit your needs. We also provide non-surgical advanced surgical hair restoration methods to sustain your hair based on hair loss.

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