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Hair Shaft Repair Treatment for Long-lasting Results

Over styling, exposure to heat, chemical processing, and other habits can strip the hair of its moisture and natural oils, which can result in damaged hair. In some instances, however, hair damage can be due to a medical condition.

How To Tell If Hair is Damaged

  • Dry or Brittle Hair. If your hair constantly feels dry, damage to the cuticle layer* may be to blame. …
  • Hair Feels Thick at the Root and Thin at the Ends. …
  • You Notice More Shedding. …
  • Your Hair Is More Tangled Than Usual. …
  • Your Hair Appears Dull

*Cuticle: The cuticle is composed of overlapping, dead cells. It protects the fragile inner layers from damage. A healthy cuticle is smooth and flat, maintaining the hair’s moisture and bounce.

Avoid Harsh conditions
Hair damage and breakage tend to happen with use of heated styling tools, such as blow dryers, flat irons, or hot combs; chemical processing including perms, and bleaching; overexposure to the sun and swimming pool chemicals infrequent hair trimming; lack of conditioning and brushing too often

Oil Application
Oils can help prevent further damage. They penetrate the hair and reduce the amount of drying that causes hair damage. Oils can also fill the gaps that occur between the cuticles and protect the hair from aggressive substances and provide lubrication of the shaft. Coconut oil and peppermint oils are two of the best for repairing damaged hair.

Good nutrition
Vitamins and nutrients are essential for healthy hair growth and shine. People should consume a balanced diet that contains a variety of products, including protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, and healthful fats.


Here at Aushair, we treat damaged hair by….

In today’s hectic culture, taking care of oneself while keeping up with environmental changes is challenging. This can typically lead to several health issues, with hair loss being one of the most visible problems. Both men and women will inevitably experience hair loss at some point in their lives. It is recommended to seek expert help rather than attempting to resolve the problem independently since you could be unsure where to start.

At Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic, we know how much having beautiful hair matters to you. As a result, we provide natural hair shaft repair treatments and very effective hair loss treatments. With years of experience, we are adept at managing natural hair loss. We have the essential ability to treat your hair loss issues thanks to the help of our experienced professionals, who assist in finding the proper treatment for your specific cause. We have the solution to all of your problems, whether male hair loss treatment, female hair loss therapy, grey hair treatment, or anti-dandruff treatment, with our natural hair treatments that promote your natural hair regrowth.

Effective Hair loss Treatments in Melbourne

Depending on your unique requirements, Australian Hair and Scalp Clinics offer effective and long-lasting treatments that work specifically to improve your hair’s health.

If you’re having issues with hair loss or require hair shaft repair treatment, Australia Hair and Scalp Clinics can help. We also understand that our clients prefer to wear a wig or extensions while treatment is still in progress. We provide a wide selection of luxury wigs and hair systems with a wide range of alternatives, so you can always find something that works for you.

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