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Michael’s Hair Regrowth Story

Michael came to our clinic after losing a considerable amount of hair. Being an Alopecia Areata sufferer, he was losing a significant amount of hair for quite some time. Even though he attended a specialist who tried to treat his condition using pharmaceutical medicines, things keep getting worse for him. Until at one point, when he lost most of his hair, he decided to give up on the current
treatment and instead chose to look for a faster and more effective treatment. Completely hopeless at that time, he decided to give us shot as a last resort. He visited our clinic in Chadstone, Victoria, on 26/08/2013.


michael's story
Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic, a renowned all-natural hair loss clinic known for its incredible fast results with zero side effects, provided the kind of treatment and subsequent results that Michael was hoping for. It’s worth noting that when he first came to us, after an unsuccessful pharmaceutical treatment, he wasn’t very confident about us being able to help him. “I saw my GP and
dermatologist to treat my hair loss problem for 3 years. However, it kept getting worse and worse”, he said.

On the contrary, he regained 80% of his hair back too in a period of 3-4 Months with our treatment. Today, a happy young man, Michael recommends this treatment to anybody suffering from Alopecia Areata. After watching those miraculous results, even his mother decided to treat her hair loss problem with us. “He grew about 80 % of his hair. I am so happy, I even came for treatment myself”, she said. And as anticipated, she was satisfied with her results as well.

As with many of our patients, Michael too had a bad experience with a pharmaceutical hair loss treatment that he undertook. After relying on it for around 3 years, investing his money and time, the only result he received was disappointment. Of course, he deserved much more. So does everybody else out of his or her invested money and time. Don’t let this happen to you or anyone you know. Don’t take that chance. Don’t give up hope. Visit Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic and see the difference yourself. In case you don’t see the results, we’ll be more than happy to refund your money back.

Thank you for choosing Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic

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