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St Lucia – Hair Loss Treatment

Are you living in the St Lucia area and are experiencing hair loss/hair thinning? Regardless of whether you’re male or female we have an effective and natural solution for you. It is called Herbal Follicular Activation (HFA) and it has been used to significant success in Australia to assist those that suffer from hair loss issues such as Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic Areata (otherwise known as male pattern/female pattern baldness or thinning). The treatment involves the topical application of liquid hair regrowth products containing highly active plant extracts that have been shown to be exceedingly effective in regrowing hair. HFA works by stimulating, nourishing and detoxifying a person’s hair follicles. This treatment improves hair follicle function which after time leads to the regrowth of more hair. The key thing about HFA is that it achieves this without any side effects, pain, injections or pharmaceuticals.

We offer both In-Clinic and Home Use HFA treatments. In-Clinic sessions last about an hour to ninety minutes (largely dependent on the therapeutic dosage prescribed) and you are only required to attend the clinic once per month. In a soothing, restful way, we topically apply liquid to the affected area on the scalp. This In-Clinic treatment option is incredibly convenient for anyone that does not have a lack of spare time. The Home Use treatment option involves daily self-application of the herbal solution to the scalp at home and takes about 10 minutes to carry out. once per day. In certain hair loss cases a combination of In-Clinic and Home Use treatments may be suggested as certain hair loss conditions need both approaches.

Our Home Use programs may include all or some of the following products:

An important part of our process prior to treatment is undergoing a hair follicle assessment by our certified and experience trichologist. This is essential as it gives key information about the cause of the hair loss, the level of thinning, as well as the best treatment dosage and time frame required to improve your hair condition.

Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic is an Australian provider of HFA, this advanced herbal hair regrowth system. After operating from Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne for over 11 years, we have recently re-located to Murrumbeena and also opened a second Melbourne clinic on St Kilda Road just outside the CBD. Our third natural hair treatment clinic is in Spring Hill, Brisbane and has been seeing clients for almost 2 years. St Lucia  residents who are experiencing hair loss are very lucky to have access to our professional services just a couple of minutes drive away. At the moment we have 50% off our initial consultation and assessment, so there has never been a better time for hair loss sufferers in St Lucia to arrange an appointment with us. Appointments can be made by calling 1800 001 101.


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HFA (Herbal Follicular Activation) – WHAT IS IT?

  • HFA or Herbal Follicular Activation is a whole-body approach to treating hair loss that corrects hair follicle dysfunction and promotes hair regrowth hair. We also look at an individual’s lifestyle, diet, stress levels, sleep, digestion and other the function of vital organs.
  • 99% success rate – most people receive a result
  • assessed by a Trichologist using the latest accurate hair analysis software – we are the only company in the Australian hair industry utilising this wonderful breakthrough technology.

A Professional Assessment by Our Certified Trichologist is needed before starting treatment. Our Trichologist will recommend the most suitable treatment for your individual case (which could be either herbal or surgical).

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  • Learn about safe and natural treatments
  • Hear about our success with other hair loss sufferers
  • Receive your professional hair & scalp report and your herbal hair regrowth plan

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Success Rate 99.9%

based on the last 8 years of clinical experience


Hair regrowth results in Australia

Success Rate 99.9%

No major side effects reported in Australia since 1993