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Ashwood – Hair Loss Treatment

“Initially, I tried home use products in 2001 for one year with a good result and then stopped. Then I lost lots of my hair during the next ten years. In Oct 2011, I restarted the program with the Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic again and I am very happy with my amazing result now.” Mr. A.F.

Males and females residing in Ashwood who are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning will be relieved to hear that there is an effective and safe solution available to recover their hair. The process is called Herbal Follicular Activation (HFA) and has been successfully used in Australia to combat male and female pattern baldness/thinning as well as Alopecia Areata. Treatment involves the application of liquid hair regrowth products to the scalp, which contain active herbal ingredients that are effective in regrowing hair. HFA stimulates hair follicles as well as detoxing and increase nutrition to them. With regular treatment, a self-healing response is initiated that regulates hair follicle function which leads to hair regrowth over time. More great news about HFA is that it regrows hair without any side effects, pain, injections or pharmaceuticals.

The two main types of HFA treatments are a monthly in-clinic session and a home use self- treatment regime. In-Clinic treatments are extremely relaxing sessions where the hair and scalp is firstly washed, then stimulated before the potent herbal serum is applied to the affected areas.The following is a great option for those who are pressed for time most days of the week and don’t have time for daily self-treatments. Home Use treatment requires people to apply medicinal liquid tonics to their scalp one time every day. With this one, no need for making appointments that you can’t make due to a busy schedule. Simply apply the tonics at home at a time that best suits you.

Our Home Use programs may include all or some of the following products:

Prior to beginning one of these treatments, Australian Hair & Scalp Clinics’ certified trichologist will complete a detailed hair follicle examination for you. This assessment will reveal the root cause and stage of your hair problem and then offer a treatment plan of appropriate strength.

Australian Hair & Scalp Clinics is the only provider of HFA in Australia and the experts in professional herbal hair loss treatment. After more than 11 years in Chadstone Shopping Centre, we have recently moved to Murrumbeena and also opened a second Melbourne clinic on St Kilda Road just across from the famous Melbourne Botanical Gardens. A third clinic in Brisbane has been operating for about 2 years with a great local following. Hair loss sufferers residing in Ashwood will be happy to know that to have access to this amazing revolutionary hair regrowth treatment. Currently we have a 50% off our initial consultation and assessment, Don’tdelay any longer. Book your first visit and regain your hair and confidence today by calling 1800 001 101.

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    HFA – The Most Effective
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    HFA (Herbal Follicular Activation) – WHAT IS IT?

    • HFA or Herbal Follicular Activation is a whole body approach to treating hair loss that addresses the local hair follicle dysfunction as well as an individual’s lifestyle, diet, stress level, sleep, digestion and other vital organ functions.
    • 99% success rate, assessed by a Trichologist using the latest computerised hair analysis software – we are the only company in the Australian hair industry utilising this incredible breakthrough technology.

    A Professional Assessment by Our Certified Trichologist is needed before starting treatment. Our Trichologist will recommend the most suitable treatment for your individual case (which could be either herbal or surgical).

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    Success Rate 99.9%

    based on the last 8 years of clinical experience


    Hair regrowth results in Australia

    Success Rate 99.9%

    No major side effects reported in Australia since 1993