Male Pattern Hair Loss:

1. Mr T.N – discussing his hair regrowth


After using our treatments for about 2.5 months Mr.T.N. noticed improvement in his hair condition. After 8 months on the program he regrew 25-30% more hair.

2. Mr.H.C.’s experience after 4 months on our Aushair herbal hair regrowth program.


This gentleman is very satisfied with his result after 4 months of Aushair herbal treatment. In this video he stresses the importance of being persistent and patient with the treatment to see good results.

3. Mr.A.F. is very happy with the results he achieved after using our all natural treatments for a number of years.


Mr.A.F. used our products back in 2001 for one year, obtained a good result but then stopped treatment for about 10 years. During those 10 years he lost a lot of hair and then in October 2011 he decided to start treatment with us again. He has been satisfied with his results ever since.

4. Mr.K.P. Before attending our clinic for treatment, Mr.K.P. tried pharmaceutical hair loss products and was very unhappy


Naturally he was very happy to discover a natural/herbal based treatment that produced results without any side effects

5. Mr S.B

Side Effects Force This Young Man To Stop Using Pharmaceutical Hair Loss Tablet.

The major oral medication used in pharmaceutical medicine was originally created to treat prostate problems in men. Unfortunately a number of male hair loss sufferers that take this drug experience side effects such as decreased sex drive, depression and low energy levels.

6. Mr S.Z.G – he was quite skeptical about the treatment at the outset, but after 2 months he was pleasantly surprised with the result.
Mr S.Z.G Results obtained: 2 MONTHS

7. Mr.W.W – It’s Never Too Late To Regrow Hair

This man came to us with very late stage male genetic pattern hair loss. During his initial assessment we explained that there were only certain areas of his scalp where we could actually regrow hair as many of his hair follicles had already closed.

4 Months Treatment Results

A. Male Pattern Hair Loss with Revive Advanced 4 Month Program (included in-clinic treatments)

Mr. M.J.S

A Male Pattern Hair LossResults obtained: 4 MONTHS

B. Male Pattern Hair Loss with Revive Standard 4 Month Program (no in-clinic treatments included)

Mr. N.S.
Male Pattern Hair Loss

C. Male Pattern Hair Loss with Revive Standard 4 Month Program (no in-clinic treatments included)

Mr. K.K.
Male Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss:

How To Regrow Your Hair – A Case Study – Ms MB

Ms M.B. was feeling very distressed about her hair condition before coming to the Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic. Along with a growing number of women who experience hair loss, she came to the clinic in quite a desperate state.

Ms.L.Y.has only completed a few months of our treatment program and she is very pleased!

After we recovered most of her son’s hair she was so impressed that she wanted to start treatment for some mild Female Pattern Hair Loss that she was experiencing.

4 Months Treatment Results

A. Female Pattern Hair Loss with Revive Advanced 4 Month Program (included in-clinic treatments)

Ms. V.R.
Female Pattern Hair Loss

B. Female Pattern Hair Loss with Revive Advanced 4 Month Program (included in-clinic treatments)

Ms. M.G.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata/Alopecia Totalis/Alopecia Universalis –

Mr.M.U is very happy with his hair regrowth result and he would like to recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from hair loss.


Mr.M.U. Said “I saw my GP & dermatologist to treat my hair loss problem for 3 years. However, it kept getting worse and worse. Finally, I made the right decision and started treatments with Aushair…”

Ms. K.A.’s Patchy Hair Loss Develops Into Total Body Hair Loss With Pharmaceutical Treatment


This young woman aged in her early 30s had 6 years of pharmaceutical treatments for Alopecia Areata. Initially she experienced some improvement with steroid injections from her dermatologist. However later, this treatment stopped working and her condition worsened. Small hair loss patches on her scalp became larger and steadily even more patches began to appear. Eventually her condition changed into Alopecia Universalis which caused total hair loss on the scalp and her whole body.

In desperation she came to the Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic. After one year of treatment she has achieved substantial new hair regrowth on her scalp.

So just because pharmaceutical medicine has failed you, don’t despair. Our herbal treatments offer an effective solution for this stubborn problem.

Overcome Alopecia Areata (Patchy Hair Loss)



Overcome Alopecia Totalis


Overcome Alopecia Universalis