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Young Men Don’t Need to Suffer Hairloss.

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About the Video

Are you a young man suffering from hair loss? Watch Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic client Heath discuss his amazing journey with the company, alongside Aushair Clinic Consultant Nick.

Heath discusses how in only 3 short months, the revolutionary Herbal Follicular Activation program has given him visible results.

Content of the Video

Heath had spent years researching hair loss treatments.

He used the pharmaceutical drug 5% Minoxidil for one year, before becoming aware of the adverse side effects that long-term use could cause. Heath decided that to protect his health, he would try Aushair’s revolutionary Herbal Follicular Activation technique.

After only 3 months of twice-weekly clinic appointments and home use products, Heath is already seeing results! His hair is stronger and darker. He is sleeping better and feels more energetic. Most importantly, there is new hair growth on the crown and temples of his head.

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