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Why NOT to choose Pharmaceutical Hair Loss Treatment

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Discover 100% Natural Herbal Hair Regrowth

‘This is a very important message for hair loss sufferers!’
– Mr JT, Seminar Participant, 03.02.15

Watch the videos of our seminar on https://www.aushair.com.au/testimonials/

Best Regards,
Louis Lu
Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic & 101 Hair and Skin Care Pty Ltd.


Join one of our Monthly Hair Regrowth & Health Knowledge Seminars!

  • Get more knowledge for your Hair Regrowth and your health
  • Talk with our experienced Hair Regrowth people face-to-face
  • Finger food and beverages provided after seminar

Receive a $70 Gift Certificate & 1X Small Cold Pack (valued at $20.00)

At the seminar on Monday 2nd March 2015 at 7:15p

Regular Seminars same time, same location, first Monday of every month


Our Previous Seminars’ Videos:


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