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What is Herbal Follicular Activation, and how effective is it?

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Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment through Herbal Follicular Activation

Herbal hair loss treatments are gaining wider acceptance. On the contrary, due to a great number of side effects, people are turning away from Pharma based hair loss treatments.

However, before we dig deeper into this shift in people’s way of thinking, let’s learn more about hair loss: the primary cause–particularly genetic–and the process. After that, we can continue with further digging.

What’s wrong with my genes?

While your genes might be doing really great stuff to your body, they might be doing exactly the opposite to your hair.

Hair follicles are very fond of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a secondary male hormone formed from Testosterone, the primary hormone to DHT. This fondness is however not very healthy to hair, and with the help of an enzyme–‘5-alpha-reductase’–it accumulates around the follicles, depriving them of  nutritious blood supply. This continuous deprivation of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles, unless treated, starts the process of “miniaturization”, which shrinks the follicles and deteriorates hair quality, making them disappear eventually—as in the majority of hair loss cases.

The Stages of Miniaturization

The Miniaturization Process

How helpful is The Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic’s natural Herbal Follicular Activation in managing miniaturization?

This clinic provides various treatments for curing any of the prevailing Alopecia through a series of natural hair regrowth programs. The main focus is to use a non-obtrusive process called Herbal Follicular Activation (HFA), which acts as an antidote for inhibiting the process of miniaturization.

HFA is essentially a unique treatment regime that stops abnormal/excessive hair loss. It also cleans and unblocks the scalp’s pores to create a better environment for new hair regrowth. Furthermore it prevents DHT build-up and nourishes hair follicles resulting in miniaturization reversal. By stimulating the function of the hair germ cell and providing the optimum level of nutrition to the hair, HFA largely relies on a “targeting medication” technology, which as the name suggests, targets the particular areas of Hair Loss on the scalp.

Moreover, HFA effectively controls the activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme at the follicular level. Thus, controlling DHT to safe limits.

Further still, Herbal Follicular Activation assists in:

1.    Reducing scalp sebaceous oil gland secretion.

2.    Decreasing scalp and hair follicle inflammation.

3.    Supporting the body’s natural hormonal balance as well as other important physiological functions.

4.    Improving the internal and external environment of the hair follicle.

5.    Promoting a healthy scalp pH balance.


Our Herbal Follicular Activation vs. related Pharmaceutical treatments

Yes, there is no way of activating hair follicles in Pharmaceuticals.

As I said earlier, “we will dig further in this change of belief”. So let’s dig in.

The current, popular pharmaceutical hair growth treatments are also very popular with their serious side effects, which are capable of affecting normal life routine. Yes, hair is pretty important from various points of view: Social, Psychological, etc., but, are you ready to affect your normal lifestyle for a treatment that could have been a tad simpler with an herbal procedure? With our multi-therapeutic approach that uses only safe and natural hair growth products, which are approved by Australian TGA and never produced any major side effects in its run of 40 years and 20 Years in international and Australian market respectively, then I guess your answer would probably a “Yes”.

Conclusion of Herbal Follicular Activation Based Treatment:

•    Visibility of the regrown baby hairs will be noticeable within 2 months of steady treatment.

•    With regular use, abnormal/excessive hair loss will cease,

•    Scalp will become tidy and clear; free- from oil; dandruff; dead skin cells and dried sebum.

•    Pores of the scalp will become more open

•    Miniaturization of hair follicles will be reversed

•    The scalp’s pH level will become balanced

Believe us, we are your true friends during a time that is often humiliating and causes agony due to Hair Loss. Move a hand over your scalp, then put it over the heart and ask yourself, “Is it the end of the world for me, or I can still fight this nuisance”. In case, you have decided to fight, then call us or find us online and start a natural hair loss program today.


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