Stem Cell Hair Restoration is an innovative new hair regrowth procedure that can encourage the growth of your own, natural hair using your body’s stem cells! This procedure is a painless procedure and is growing in popularity in that it is a completely natural procedure with encouraging results. There have been no studies done to date on Stem Cell Hair Restoration so we are unable to comment on its effectiveness in regrowing hair.

One of the great downsides of Stem Cell Hair Restoration is the high cost. The client is asked to pay between $3,000 and $10,000 for the entire treatment. And depending on the person’s situation, multiple sessions are required. That said, HFA is far cheaper than Stem Cell Hair Restoration.

Unlike other hair transplant treatments that rely on relocating hair follicles, Stem Cell Hair Restoration is designed to encourage the growth of natural hair follicles found on your scalp to achieve long-lasting results.

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Your body’s stem cells are responsible for healing and repairing tissues – including your hair follicles. They are essentially building blocks that can transform themselves into any type of cell. The layer of subcutaneous fat (fat below the skin) is home to countless mesenchymal stem cells. With new cutting edge technology, these mesenchymal stem cells can be harvested in order to take advantage of their healing properties. When introduced into the scalp in the areas of thinning hair, your stem cells can help regenerate hair follicles to restore new, strong, healthy hair.

In HFA, treatment, we also nourish the hair follicles but in a slightly different way to Stem Cell Hair Restoration.

Fast Hair Regrowth For Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss without painful Injections, Drugs & Daily Use.