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What is Female Pattern Baldness? Stages and Treatment

The risk of hair loss increases with age; it mainly affects women starting in their 30s and reaching their 50s. Most women show signs of hair loss by the age of 50 after menopause, a period when sex hormone levels decrease. Hormonal imbalance contributes much to Female Pattern Baldness (FPB), but hair loss is sometimes inherited in women from their parent’s genes. Anaemia, thyroid, oral contraceptives, and a few more are also responsible for hair loss in women.

Though FPB develops at any stage, it is a similar condition to male pattern baldness. However, hair loss and thinning of hair have different patterns, and the stages of women’s balding also differ from that of men. Women’s hair loss begins from the top of the scalp, reduces density slowly but retains the original hairline in front.

Unlike the Hamilton-Norwood Scale used for men, there is the Ludwig Scale for FPB. It has only three stages (also called grades) and is labelled as mild, moderate, and extensive.

Stage 1 (Grade 1): It begins with mild hair thinning on the scalp and is hardly noticeable. There is minimal hair loss, and can be easily camouflaged with hair styling techniques.

Stage 2 (Phase 2): Moderate hair loss and visible with the significant widening of the midline part. Almost 70% of the hair is noticeably thin.

Stage 3 (Grade 3): Severe hair loss; the scalp is more visible than hair.

FPB can be treated with an accurate diagnosis, which may slow down or stop hair loss.

Treat Female Pattern Baldness With Certified Professionals in Melbourne

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