An aging scalp becomes thinner and loses much of its elasticity. The number of blood vessels in the dermis reduces. There are fewer hair follicles and often the hair loses its colour. All of this results in hair thinning and baldness.

  • The scalp ages 12 times faster than body skin and 6 times faster than facial skin.
  • Factors that contribute to scalp aging include
  • Reduced collagen levels
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Insufficient nutrition supply
  • Weakness of the liver and kidney (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Thicker Scalp
  • Bigger Follicle
  • Bigger Hair Bulb
  • More Blood Vessels
  • Longer Anagen Phase
  • Better Immunity
  • Thinner Scalp
  • Smaller Follicle
  • Smaller Hair Bulb
  • Fewer Blood Vessels
  • Longer Telogen Phase
  • Low Immunity

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