Register for Your initial trichologist consultation (Cost was $220, Now is 50% off -$110 limited time only) and our qualified Trichologist (Hair and Scalp Specialist) – Ms Angela Sun will dedicate 30 minutes to you and provide you with the following:

Ms Angela Sun is specialising in Male & Female Genetic Thinning and Alopecia Areata. She has been helping hundreds of people successfully grow their hair through Herbal Follicular Activation since 2010 in Melbourne.

  1. A set of photographs using digital and/or microscopic cameras for diagnostic purposes
  2. A diagnosis of your hair loss and scalp conditions
  3. A determination of your stage/level of hair loss, referring to the Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic Information Booklet
  4. Information about the causes of your hair loss and how AusHair products can help.
  5. Multiple testimonials from previous clients with a similar type and stage of hair loss to you
  6. Advice and information about hair regrowth treatment options, costs, and the best plan(s) for your needs
  7. An explanation of why our maintenance programs are the key to retaining your hair regrowth results

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