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From Pharmaceutical To Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

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Watch AusHair Consultant Nick present a seminar about a real client who started using a pharmaceutical hair loss treatment but then ended up changing over to the Aushair herbal hair regrowth program.

Learn more about the other hair loss treatments available on the market, notably Minoxidil. More importantly, hear about the problems that using these drugs can have on your health.

Interested in finding out more? We hold regular webinars every month. Please visit www.aushair.com.au for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

Video Clip –

(0.50mins to 16.29 mins)

Summary of Video Clip

Rogaine foam is a very popular product for hair loss sufferers. It contains a pharmaceutical drug called Minoxidil in either 2% or 5% concentration. Rogaine is said to act by increasing blood circulation when applied externally to the affected areas of the scalp. Increased blood flow to hair follicles means more nutrition for hair roots. This can potentially assist with improving both hair quality and hair quantity.

However, one of the major drawbacks of using Minoxidil based products is that they can result in serious health risks. These include blurred vision, skin irritation and swelling of the face.

Another important point to consider with hair loss treatments is that there is actually no permanent cure available. This is because most cases of hair loss are due to genetic factors. Therefore continued treatment is necessary throughout one’s lifetime. Long term treatment should be with a product that is both safe and effective. Aushair herbal hair regrowth products have had no major side effects reported in in over 20 years since their inception into the Australian market. Hence this treatment offers an excellent solution for genetic hair loss sufferers.

Avoid making the same mistake that the gentleman in the video made. Be well informed and use a treatment that is safe for long term use and that also works!

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