A hair loss treatment study conducted on 193 people, at the 101 Hair and Skin Care Clinic Australia, during January 2004 to January 2005, using 101 Tonics (3.3mL 2x/day), 101 Hair Formula Tablets (2 tablets/day) & 101 Shampoo over a 3 month period demonstrated that

Hair loss prevention – 99% of cases maintained their current hair and stopped loosing hair with 101 Hair Products
Hair regrowth – 83% of cases showed the improved condition of their hair and scalp and re-grow hair.
Side effects -No patient experienced any major side effects with 101 Hair Products and they are safe to use.
Mechanism -101 Hair Products improved the blood circulation within the scalp and follicles.

Conclusion – The treatment with traditional Chinese herbs found in 101 Hair Products are an effective way to treat mild to moderate Male Pattern Hair Loss (not complete hair loss).