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Navigating The Hair Loss Industry

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Hair loss is a very common problem for Australians. For instance, ‘Male pattern baldness’, known technically as androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair baldness, affecting about half of all men by the age of 50 and over 80 per cent by the age of 70.

Over the years, there have been countless so called cures for baldness. Here’s one old English recipe for hair loss: “Combine boar’s grease, ashes of burnt bees, ashes of southernwood, juice of white lily root, oil of sweet almonds and musk into an ointment and rub it into the scalp every day.”

Even today, there is no ‘magical cure’ for baldness. No treatment or potion will return all your hair so that you look like you did as a teenager. We can however, in most cases, stop (or slow) a client’s hair loss and regrow a certain percentage of hair for them. When we achieve this the client often leaves our clinic with a renewed confidence and enthusiasm for life.

Why are there so many solutions for hair loss?

Because hair loss is so prevalent, many entrepreneurs have sought desperately for a solution in the hope of striking it rich. However, many of these opportunists are not experts in the field of hair loss and regrowth. They often produce a product that does not work for the masses and market it through lies and deception. Such people, knowingly or unknowingly, take advantage of the hair loss sufferer who is desperate to find a solution and thus regain their looks and self-esteem.

The successful treatment of hair loss requires advice from a medical practitioner and/or certified trichologist. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, these trained specialists should be your first port of call when dealing with hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment – your options

Hair loss treatment can be classified in three different categories:

  • Surgical – hair transplant
  • Pharmaceutical medication
  • Non-surgical hair replacement

Make an appointment today with our trichologist to discuss which option(s) would be the best for you on 1800 001 101. For only $55, get the facts clear and simple. Everyone’s case is different. Most people can be helped. Make the call and start the journey towards a more confident life.

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