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Mr William

This is a very important point that all hair loss sufferers need to understand with regard to hair follicles. If hair loss is neglected for too long then follicles can die and close and there is very little potential for regrowing hair from those dead follicles in our experience. This is why we advised William that the results he could expect would be limited in those areas of his scalp where hair follicle closure had already taken place.

The way we determine which areas of the scalp are suitable for regrowth is through a professional clinical assessment procedure that utilises magnified imaging of the hair follicles. In this way our hair and scalp specialists can determine potential areas for regrowth as well as outlining those areas that will not respond to herbal or other treatment.

William was still happy to start the treatment with the view of gradually making improvements to his hair condition. Having done some reading about Chinese Medicine in the past he was also interested in it’s safe and holistic approach to healthcare. In particular, he was interested to see if our herbal treatment would also improve his general health especially with regard to his energy levels. To his surprise, he was able to experience the internal health benefits of this herbal program and definitely noticed that his energy levels during exercise were much better.

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