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Mr Tony’s Hair Regrowth Case Study

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Mr TN first noticed unnatural hair fall some 10 years ago. At that time, he couldn’t find an affordable treatment. On top of that, he was too pre-occupied with his busy work schedule. Furthermore, he used to work in a wholesale fish business where he was exposed to extended and extreme temperature conditions that continually harmed his hair.

The condition and the treatment course

When he came to us on 2/10/2013, he had already lost a significant amount of hair, particularly from the crown area of his scalp. Our hair loss experts, after a through scalp analysis, suggested him to go for The Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic’s 8 Months package, inclusive of one in-clinic treatment per week.

In this clip, Tony explains the success he’s had with hair regrowth via a live presentation at the clinic in Chadstone, in April 2014. Tony has been undergoing hair loss treatment at the clinic.

Probable Cause

Mr T.N. strongly attributes the origin of his hair loss to extreme variation in temperature, which he faced during the course of his job. “I used to work in extreme temperatures. In the summer when it was 35-40 degrees outside and then I would open the door behind me and it was 35-36 degrees below zero”, he said during one of our presentations. Consequently, his once strong and plentiful hair started to take strain out of those conditions, gradually becoming dull and thin.

During the treatment, he took two tablets, morning and night. He also used our tonics and shampoo regularly. In addition, as prescribed, he continued with the home treatment twice every day: once during the early morning and another before going to bed.


Being a man in his late sixties and retired, he was a bit sceptical and said, “after becoming old, it is hard to impossible to regrow lost hairs”. All his speculation came to a halt within just two and a half months into our treatment, that too without any side effects. Soon he started to notice strong hair growth around the crown area. After the conclusion of treatment, he regrew 25-30% more hair. Moreover, his once thin and dull hair soon became so thick that he could feel every strand of it. Today, his hair is healthier and thicker than ever.

Mr T.N.’s suggestions

Mr T.N., being in the fishing industry for more than 43 years and after reading lots of books related to the benefits of eating fish, he strongly suggests everyone to eat lots of oily fish instead of meat. He cleared a popular misconception: an expensive fish doesn’t always count as healthy. Whereas he recommended eating cheap yet healthy fish like sardines, he also suggested salmon, mackerel, yellow fin tuna, and barracuda for healthy blood, heart, brain, and eyes. Further, he suggested everyone to cut on alcohol and junk food consumption, and to have a balanced diet.

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