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Start of Treatment – Mr K.P. aged in his early 50s attended our clinic on the 11/3/14 after using a pharmaceutical hair loss treatment which resulted in side effects. He was looking for an effective and safe treatment. He began an intensive two month hair regrowth program with Aushair. This treatment included 2 in-clinic treatments per week plus a Home Use Program.

After 2 months: Mr K.P achieved significant hair regrowth especially at the crown (top/back) area. Just as importantly, he experienced no side effects with our treatment.

After 4 months: Mr K.P. is still happy with the improvements made. After completing his initial hair regrowth program he then decided to start an 8 month program to try and achieve more results.

After 7 months – Mr K.P. achieved an excellent result on his crown area. He continued with his 8 month regrowth program which includes one in-clinic treatment per week plus Home Use products.
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