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Then in 2011 he began treatment again. On starting the new treatment he had some concerns about whether or not the treatment would work a second time, especially because his hair loss level had increased quite dramatically.

However he was pleasantly surprised to regrow a fair amount of hair with our herbal regrowth program.

Start of Treatment – Mr A.F’s later treatment started in October 2011 and since then he has used a hair regrowth program which has included one in-clinic treatment per week plus home use products.

20/01/2013 – Mr A.F had some comparison photos taken and the results were quite good. The top/front area of the scalp showed new regrowth and just as importantly his new hair was thicker, shinier and healthier.
18/08/13 – Improvement continued with more hair and stronger hair.
14/09/14 – Mr A.F’s hair condition was maintained after three years of continued treatment. He believes that our herbal treatment was a stimulus for making positive changes in his lifestyle. Taking up Yoga, making dietary changes and sleeping more hours improved his general health as well as his hair condition according to the video testimonial below.

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