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How long to see the results with our revolutionary treatment!

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Among the concerns our patients face, the biggest one is, “How long should I continue the treatment for?” At The Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic, we try to offer a hair regrowth treatment for almost every type of hair loss condition, whether it be –

  • Male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Female Pattern Baldness
  • Alopecia Areata or Patchy Hair Loss Pattern

At The Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic, the duration of treatment depends upon the stage of hair loss you are at. As such, there are seven stages of Male Pattern Baldness,


and 5 stages of Female Pattern Baldness.


As evident from the above images, and as applicable with any other ailment, “the later the stage, the longer the treatment period needed”. The course of treatment at The Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic is no different, and is purely based on the stage of hair loss one is at. The stage of hair loss is detected using one’s scalp photos during a free consultation at Australia Hair and Scalp Clinic based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Once a stage is decided, a treatment is prescribed.

However, a Long Term Treatment is needed for more advanced hair loss. This usually takes at least 2 years of treatment to recover a considerable amount of hair. If you’re not prepared, like we recommend to everyone, don’t undertake a long term treatment, in the first place.

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