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How Does our Herbal Treatment Regrow Your Hair?

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Watch AusHair Consultant Nick present a seminar about ‘How AusHair Herbal Hair Treatments Regrow Your Hair’.

Learn more about our how we can regrow your hair using our revolutionary Herbal Follicular Activation method.

Interested in finding out more? We hold regular seminars at our Chadstone clinic at 7.15pm on the first Monday of every month. Receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack for attending in person! Otherwise please visit www.aushair.com.au for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

Summary of Video Clip

Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic use a revolutionary treatment method called ‘Herbal Follicular Activation’ to regrow hair.

A fusion of East and West, it begins with tonics and tablets based upon thousands of years of Chinese tradition and medicinal knowledge. Moreover, we use cutting edge technology such as lasers and electrostatic machines in order to increase circulation and stimulate further growth. Our Herbal Follicular Activation method is not only safe and non-invasive, but highly effective.

We will not only regrow your hair, but improve your general health and wellbeing.

In order to find out how and why, watch the video above.

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