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Herbal Hair Tablets Also Good For Physical Strength

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William first attended the Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic in April 2014 after attending our very first information seminar.

He was hopeful about re-growing some hair but never imagined the treatment would also improve his energy levels. After just 2 weeks on our herbal Hair Formula tablets, he noticed some definite increases in his physical strength and endurance. He recently stated that he can now run for over 20 minutes non-stop. He hasn’t been able to do this in years. Now he runs at least every second day before going to work and is feeling much stronger physically than before.

William is very impressed with our in-clinic treatments and always feels a strong effect on his scalp following his visits.

He has noticed some improvement in his scalp condition and some new small hairs have appeared since commencing treatment. However he understands that it is not easy to quickly reverse the effects of years of poor lifestyle choices. And so he has been very patient regarding his hair regrowth results.

William has been using our 100% all natural hair loss control and recovery treatments for a number of months. He has experienced improvements in both his hair and general body condition.

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