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Why Have A Professional Consultation?

  • You will be seen by a certified Trichologist who will determine the cause of your hair loss/thinning, grey hair or scalp condition
  • Our Trichologist will share some case studies and photo results of previous clients with a similar hair or scalp issue to yours and how we helped them.
  • Our specialist will also assess the stage of your hair or scalp condition, which is important in the management of your issue.
  • All clinical findings will be provided in printed form if requested
  • The most effective and safest treatment methods for your hair or scalp condition will be explained to you.
  • Our highly experienced specialist will determine the right treatment for your particular case

Hairpieces for Women

Hairpieces for women have been used by celebrities for decades to fill out their locks for luscious appeal. And who can blame them? Full, bouncy add-ins are a fun way to enhance your natural flair, sort of like mascara for your hair.

What are Hair Pieces and Hair Extensions?

Unlike full wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions do not cover the entire head. They are clipped in to existing hair to add volume, fullness, or cover baldness in specific areas.

Types of Hairpieces We Offer

Often when people consider hairpieces for women, they think of hair extensions. These are a classic and beloved way to pull off hairstyles with a little more oomph. Available in a variety of lengths, the clip-on hairpieces are attached using pressure-sensitive clips to seamlessly achieve fuller hair.

If you’re hoping for bald patch help, our toppers and wiglets can offer coverage solutions without the all-consuming effect of a wig. Our wiglets and hair toppers for thinning hair are designed to fill in sparse spots and add volume to make your problem areas disappear. They’re easy to attach and blend seamlessly in with the locks you’ve already got.

What Material Should My Hairpiece be Made of?

Human hair, Remy human hair, synthetic hair, and heat friendly synthetic hair. While synthetic is the easiest to take care of, real hair offers coverage that is virtually indistinguishable to the wearer and the observer.

What are Halo Hair Pieces for Women?

A halo hair piece consists of a looped elastic band with strands attached around the edges. Just slip it on over your head and top it off with your favorite head covering. Boom – full hair! Halo hair pieces are a godsend for women who can’t stand the weight of a full wig.

What is a Volumizer?

Volumizers are hairpieces for women who are dealing with thinning hair, not necessarily bald patches. Attach it to your hair using pressure sensitive clips, then pull your own strands through the base to blend everything together. If you choose a volumizer made of human hair, then you’ll be able to heat style the hairpiece along with your natural hair.

Human hair pieces for women usually come in three lengths: 20.3cm, 25.4cm and 35.5cm. If your length falls somewhere in between, we recommend choosing a longer option and taking it to a hair stylist for a trim.

In Summary

Confidence is an important part of mental and emotional health. If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning, the effect can impact upon your confidence and self-esteem. While we believe in natural beauty at every stage, a hairpiece can ease the stress of hair loss, allowing you to live freely and normally.

Benefits of Hair Pieces for Women

Hair Pieces for Women & Their Advantages
For women, hair symbolises femininity, self-worth, and identity. It doesn’t matter if you are straightening it, pinning it, twisting it or tying it up; hair speaks for your personality. What happens if you lose them due to alopecia, female pattern hair loss, autoimmune diseases, trauma, cancer treatment and other ways? There are hair pieces, extensions, and wigs to solve this problem.

Celebrities have used hair pieces and extensions for decades for a bouncy, voluminous look. Hair pieces can be easily clipped into the existing hair to cover baldness and disguise hair loss. Methods like weaving, fusion, bonding, and cabling can attach the new strands of hair extension to the existing hair. At Australia Hair & Scalp Clinic, we have a range of hair pieces and extensions to suit your needs.

Explore Our Plethora of Hair Pieces and Hair Extensions Melbourne and Brisbane

Available in materials like human hair, Remy human hair, synthetic hair, and heat-friendly synthetic hair, the exclusive range of hair pieces and extensions at Australia Hair & Scalp Clinic are easy to take care of.

Our toppers and wiglets can offer coverage solutions to fill in sparse spots and add volume to make your problem areas disappear. At the same time, our halo hair piece is for women who can’t stand the weight of a full wig. We offer different sizes of volumizer hair piece collections to get the hair you have always dreamed of. And if you feel that your hairstyle needs to change, our variety of hair extensions can get you what you need.

So, when you think of styling your hair, upgrading the look of your natural hair, or hiding your hair loss, our pieces of hair equipment can help. Get in touch with us for more information.