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Hair Regrowth Stories From Our Experience Sharing Event

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We held a very successful event on Monday April 14th with our first information seminar. Thanks to everyone who attended.
Four of our clients spoke about their success with our hair treatment programs.


Results obtained: 2 Months

The first speaker, Mr SZG, used our program for 2 months with one in-clinic treatment per week. He was quite sceptical about the treatment at the start but after 2 months he was pleasantly surprised with his hair regrowth result.

Results obtained: 6 Weeks

The second speaker, Ms BM, is 6 weeks into her program, with two in-clinic treatments per week. She was especially surprised at how quickly the treatment stopped her hair from falling out.



Results obtained: 2 Years and 4 Months

The third speaker, Mr AF, used our products back in 2001 for one year, obtained a good result but then stopped treatment for about 10 years. During those 10 years he lost a lot of hair and then in October 2011 he decided to start treatment with us again. He has been satisfied with his results ever since. He also spoke about certain lifestyle changes that he made to improve his general health.



Results obtained: 6 Months

The final speaker for the night was Mr TN, who has been on our program for 6 months, with one in-clinic treatment per week. He worked in the seafood industry for over 40 years and provided some excellent advice about which fish is best to eat for good general health.



We concluded with some general advice on what factors to consider before choosing a hair loss treatment.

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