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Hair Loss in Women – Myths Vs. Facts

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Contrary to common belief, women too suffer from hair loss; they also suffer from baldness just like men. Hair loss among women is far more common than many think.

However, baldness or hair loss in women is not understood resulting in various myths. People come up with all sorts of odd notions why their female friend, colleague or relative is losing their hair.

The truth is that baldness among women is mainly caused due to various factors like excess mental stress, high levels of testosterone (98%) or a flawed gene.

Women Baldness – A Fact Check!

Let’s put an end to the myths about hair loss in women.

Myth: Hair loss is exclusively a men’s problem.

Fact: Balding is often prevalent among men. It has always been considered an exclusively male problem. However, the reality is hair loss is equally common among women. Surveys indicate that around 49% of Australian women suffer from Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) at some point in their life.

Myth: Excessive use of the birth control pill causes hair loss.

Fact: If we had heard this statement in the 1960s or 70s, we might have said that it was in fact true. Earlier versions of the birth control pill had progesterone hormones acting like androgen (male) hormones, which caused hair loss. However, in the past decade, the pill has come a long way and now has minimum side effects. Today’s pill is androgen-free, and so it does not lead to FPHL.

Myth: Excessive UV rays cause hair loss in women.

Fact: It is widely known that the use of excessive UV causes damage to the skin however there is no direct evidence between UV rays and female hair loss. In fact, the opposite is true. Vitamin D drives the hair from the resting phase to the growth phase.

Myth: Hair loss is permanent in women.

Fact: Not all hair loss is permanent. Most of the time, it can be temporary. For example, due to hormonal changes hair tends to fall out, but in most cases it re-grows once the hormones return to normal levels. Further, hair loss can be slowed and reversed thanks to a variety of treatments. There are different treatments for various types and stages of hair loss. They range from topical lotions, oral medication and laser treatment.

If you have any questions regarding hair loss, call us 1800 001 101 and have a word with our trichologist an expert in hair loss and regrowth.

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