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An Exclusive Clinic for Grey Hair Treatment

Hair goes through a natural cycle of dying and then gets regenerated. They start turning grey naturally in your mid-40s, which can’t be reversed. As the hair follicles age, there is less generation of melanin pigments, appearing to be grey or white. However, finding grey hair in your 20s can be upsetting.

Lack of nutrients, vitamin B-12 deficiency, genetics, heredity, thyroid disorder, managerial and progeria are a few reasons for grey hair. Some external factors behind premature greying can be stress, smoking, chewing tobacco, overusing soaps and shampoo, and too much exposure to UV rays can damage hair follicles.

Few people begin with home remedies to cover the grey hair, but it can also cause allergic reactions if not examined before. The ideal way is to take the doctor’s advice to stop or decrease premature grey hair growth.

Australian Hair Growth & Scalp Clinic, one of Melbourne & Brisbane’s leading hair treatment specialists, provides hair loss and grey hair treatment.

Anti-Grey Hair Treatment Specialist in Melbourne and Brisbane

The Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic offers a safe and non-toxic way to treat early greying. But before starting treatment, consult our Certified Trichologist. These skilled doctors may offer insights based on your health, medical history and other issues.

Our In-Clinic Anti-Grey treatment increases the blood circulation of the hair follicles, providing essential nutrients to those follicles. When these follicles are stimulated, the hair pigment produces cells to help return hair to its natural colour. We have successfully treated clients across Australia.

There can be many causes and stages of greying hair, and sometimes a more detailed analysis is needed for the appropriate treatment. Our experts will understand your grey hair condition and may suggest additional supportive treatment or a different type of treatment altogether.

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