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Anti Grey Hair Herbal Tonics and Tablets Darken Your Hair Without Colour or Dye

Grey or white hair is not caused by a true grey or white pigment but is in fact due to the lack of pigmentation and melanin. The clear hairs appear as grey or white because of the way light is reflected off the hairs. It typically occurs naturally as people age, but some people will experience early greying.

Early grey hair affects people who have a family history of early greying. In other words they are predisposed to this condition. However, lifestyle factors such as poor diet, insufficient sleep, overwork and stress can be contributing factors. In other cases, grey hair may be caused by thyroid deficiencies, Waardenburg Syndrome or vitamin B-12 deficiency.

At the Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic we offer a safe and non-toxic way to treat early greying. Our In-Clinic Anti-Grey treatment works by increasing the blood circulation to the hair follicles and providing essential nutrients to those follicles. Stimulating the hair pigment produces cells to help return hair to its natural colour. Our treatment is not a hair colour treatment.

Professional Consultation Required

Before starting treatment a consultation with our Certified Trichologist is required to better understand your grey hair condition and our treatment process. During such an appointment, the Trichologist may suggest additional supportive treatment or perhaps a different type of treatment altogether.

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Did You Know?

There may be many different causes and stages of greying hair, and often a more detailed analysis is needed to ensure the most appropriate treatment is provided.

For this reason, a consultation with a Certified Trichologist is required.