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Get Slim With Paleo And 5:2 Diets

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Listen to our AusHair Nutritional Consultant present a seminar on popular diet trends.

Learn about some of the current diets, their key principles, and whether or not they are right for you.

Interested in finding out more? We hold regular live webinars at the end of each month. Please visit www.aushair.com.au for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

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Summary of Seminar

The weight-loss industry is a multi billion dollar industry, and it’s easy to get confused with all of the different diets out there at the moment. They all promise different things but it’s hard to know which diet is actually the right one for you – based on your lifestyle and your particular needs.

Two popular diets are the Paleo diet and the 5:2 diet. The paleo diet focuses on eating in a similar fashion to the way our ancestors did, living a ‘hunter/gatherer’ lifestyle. There have been many health claims associated with this kind of diet but also many opponents to the diet.

On the other hand, the 5:2 diet focuses on 5 days of eating a normal diet, and 2 days of ‘intermittent fasting’ which restricts calories to only 500 or 600 each day. Many health benefits have been associated with intermittent fasting, but once again, it is not something that would agree with everyone.

Anyone thinking about going on either of these diets would greatly benefit from tuning in to this seminar to learn the basics of the diets and to help them make an informed decision.

Over the following months, more diets will be explored, giving you the chance to better understand their origins and principles. This is one seminar not to be missed.

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