Over the years, there has been much confusion about hair loss treatment for the frontal hairline area. It’s a common belief that no medical treatment works for this region. Over the years, however, various treatments have worked more and more effectively on the frontal hairline.

One of the problems surrounding frontal hair loss treatment is that many patients who desire to improve their frontal hairline get disappointed – they don’t get their desired outcome after treatment. It does not bring the hairline down. The treatment works only on the scalp to the point where the existing hairline. If you desire to bring down your current hairline then the only option is hair transplant surgery.

Surgical options for treating the frontal area are not recommended for patients who have a limited amount of donor’s hair. These are usually people in the advanced stage of hair loss. However, someone with ample donor hair may wish to consider this option. Another fact to consider is the cost of such treatment which ranges from $4,000 to $15,000.

Non-surgical hair replacement, or HFA, is another option. HFA’s great advantage for the hair loss sufferer is that it treats the whole body, not just the scalp, and looks at the individual’s lifestyle and diet. Its possible downside is that it takes time, often months, to see results.


Sometimes we recommend combining both treatment options – surgical and non-surgical (HFA). Sometimes after a hair transplant, the hair follicles can die. But if HFA is employed post-surgery, the transplanted follicles do not die but instead thrive and grow strong. Our patients that have taken this dual approach have been very happy with their results!

The most important thing to remember when considering frontal hair loss treatment – and hair loss treatment in general – is that you need to ask our hair specialist as many questions as possible to fully understand all the pros and cons.

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