A complete hair transplant is the last option for final stages of male and female pattern baldness. Not only everyday people but many Hollywood actors, AFL footballers and international cricketers are opting for this treatment. While we do not provide hair transplant surgery at our clinic, we can refer you to an experienced surgeon.

Our surgeons are particularly experienced in creating a natural-looking hairline at the temples and forehead which you will be pleased with. Our HFA (Herbal Follicular Activation) treatment alone, unfortunately, will not help these people regrow their hair to their satisfaction.

Our hair transplant surgeons use a single follicle transfer technique to restore your hair. They insert each follicle at the same angle and in the same direction as it was before you lost it. One single hair follicle at a time we return your beauty to you.

Our team of surgeons ensures that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Unlike hair transplantation procedures 30 or 40 years ago, the single follicle transfer technique causes minimal discomfort.

Every single follicle is harvested from the back and sides of the head. These follicles are then relocated to the balding areas. This is a permanent method to restore the hair. In some cases, however, some of the transplanted follicles can fall out.

Only Australia’s leading surgeons will perform this procedure, so you can be assured the results will be to your satisfaction. The single follicle transfer technique has helped many men and women regain their hair, confidence and inner glow!

If you are experiencing late-stage male or female pattern baldness, make an appointment with us today on 1800 001 101. Our trichologist will suggest a treatment plan that will help you successfully combat your hair loss problem. And our team of experienced hair technicians are ready to support and guide you through HFA treatment all the way to a new, happier you.