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Cleanse & Activate

Cleanse & Activate

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The Cleanse & Activate tonic cleans the scalp, reduces oil build-up, nourishes and activates hair follicles while reducing their sensitivity to DHT through the action of certain key herbal ingredients. It also improves scalp pH to prepare for new hair growth.

From a TCM perspective, this tonic invigorates the circulation of blood, dissolves extravasated blood, warms and dredges the main and collateral channels, expands the capillary vessel and improves the circulation of blood.



Formula Interpretation

Ligusticum wallichii root – invigorates the circulation of blood, warms up and dredges venation.

Sophora Flavescens, Speranskia tuberculata herb, Ledebouriella sesloides root – clears away heat, dries humidity, relieves rheumatic pains and strengthen vitality.


  • Water,
  • Ethanol,
  • Extracts of : Ledebouriella sesloides root,
  • Sophora flavescens root,
  • Dictamnus dasycarpus root,
  • Notopterygium incisium root,
  • Salvia miltiorrhiza root,
  • Angelica polymorpha root,
  • Chaenomeles speciosa fruit,
  • Speranskia tuberculata herb,
  • Ligusticum wallichii root.
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