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Satisfactory Premature Grey Hair Treatment at Melbourne and Brisbane Clinics

Scientists don’t know why some people go grey early while some don’t see the first sign of silver until age 50. The human hair colour is due to the melanin pigment and premature greying of hair (PGH) mainly occurs due to this melanin dying on its own. Apart from our genes playing a vital role in PGH, a vitamin B-12 deficiency or problems with your pituitary or thyroid gland are also responsible. With the current stressful lifestyle and increasing pollution, PGH is one of the most problematic issues for the younger generations. It erodes an individual’s confidence and damages their self-esteem.

Some people resort to all sorts of off-beat home remedies to counter their initial white hairs but most of them are temporary or short-lived solutions. Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic offers a harmless and non-toxic way to treat early greying of hair. Our certified Trichologist will review your health history, examine your scalp and hair follicles and suggest a treatment plan based on your condition.

Our In-Clinic Anti-Grey Treatment is a complete treatment for early greying; unwanted greying stops within months. This anti-grey hair treatment involves strengthening existing hair follicles and improving blood circulation so melanin pigments return to their healthy levels.

Our experienced Trichologist will suggest additional supportive treatment like Home-Use programs which includes the use of herbal products made from natural ingredients. Our Anti-Grey Hair Tonic is a blend of herbal plant extracts specially formulated to help return grey hair to its natural colour gradually over time as well as improve the health and shine of your hair. Many people are seeing great results in terms of prevention and treatment with our Anti-Grey Treatment.

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