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Why Mr. A.F returned to Australian Hair and Scalp Clinic after 10 years?

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Mr A.F. first encountered hair loss when he was 40—some 10 years ago. He came to our clinic concerned that he was losing hair at a very fast rate. During this time, he was experiencing a lot of work-related stress that he believed was contributing to the hair loss.

Mr Andrew 10 Years ago

Like any other patient, he was a little skeptical initially. However, as soon as treatment proceeded, he seemed to be happy with the progress. In addition to the benefits to his hair, he also praised our products for revitalizing his body, and making him feel more energetic.

His first treatment period with us was for one year. At that time he gained a considerable amount of hair, almost as much he had before encountering hair fall. After a year, when he left our treatment, he was not only a happier person but healthier too.

Mr AF’s Hair Regrowth Story:

Results obtained in 2 Years and 4 Months

Fast-forward to 2014 and here we have Mr. A.F. as our third speaker of one of our monthly information seminar, nowin his 50s, he is still continuing hair treatment with us; he is here for the second time and for the same purpose.

After 10 years of first phase of treatment
After a break of 10 years, Mr A.F came back to us in 2011 with the same problem he had 10 years ago—hair loss. He didn’t seem like the same happy person that left our treatment 10 years ago. At that time, he had pretty dense hair but this time his hair had become quite thin. Although, the hair loss was more prevalent in the front, other parts had also been affected.
Therefore, after a brief consultation, we restarted from where we left. Although the results weren’t as fast as before, more gradual this time but he progressed well.

As the speaker at our seminar
To share his experience, we invited him to be one of our guest speakers; after all he had a lot of experiences with our treatment programs to share. Standing at the front, he was smiling and seems to be highly satisfied with the results. In addition to him experiencing his “hair gain-hair loss-hair gain” journey, he shared some of his lifestyle mantras too. The most prominent was how he changed his sleeping habit from 3-4 hours to 8 hours a day. He also shared how living a socially stable lifestyle is good for hair as well as the whole body. Mr. A.F feels that our product have worked for his body too, in addition to his hair and makes him feel more energized. Moreover, he told us that he now eats healthier food and does yoga.

Watch: Mr A.F. speaking as our guest speaker about his hair loss journey.

Our Take and Conclusion

We believe most Patients Require Life Time Usage, especially those with strong hereditary hair loss. However, patients who are affected more by lifestyle factors can stop the treatments after a period of time and still keep their newly regrown hair, provided they continue to address those particular life style factors.

As we say in Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic: Grow your Hairs, not worries.

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