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Aushair Presentation – Andrew’s Hair Regrowth Story

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Andrew: “So I stopped the program. Over two or three years I guess and I noticed no reduction or additional hair loss, then after a period of two, three years I started to get more hair loss so I decided to return to the program again for about ten years after I started. So initially I got some really good results and then in a period of nearly ten years when I wasn’t on the program then I started to start the program again in 2011 and I’ve been doing it for the last ten years as you can see (points to the after the photo) there have been some good results but I continued to get good results so I am a big advocate for taking on the program and its potential I guess to have a more holistic change to my life. I guess not just to hair growth too it helps you assess the way in which you approach your life I guess”.

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