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Why we always insist on taking before and after photos?

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Taking before and after photos are important as no one can remember the amount of hair he or she had prior to starting treatment with Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic. This is an important lesson we have learned over the past 20 years. Therefore to make sure you’re happy and satisfied with our results, we always insist on taking ‘Before Photos’ and ‘After Photos’: One before commencement of the treatment and then other photos every 1-2 months depending on your program type.

One of our long time clients, Mr SZG was going through the same dilemma. He was disbelieving towards his hair regrowth until we showed him those photos.

When Mr SZG first encountered hair loss, he was worried. The hair loss was rapid and he was losing a large amount of hair every day. By the time he decided to treat his condition, he had already lost a substantial amount of hair, particularly from the crown area of his scalp.

As a routine, we took his “before” photos before initiating the treatment. After the treatment, he gained some new hair. Truth be told, Mr SZG wasn’t very happy with the results from the treatment. As I said, he was disbelieving. However, when we took his “after” photo and compared it with the “before” photo, his reaction changed from being very unhappy, to a smiling face.

After watching the photo comparison, he was satisfied – Soon realising that his hair fall had stopped, and, in fact, he had gained a substantial amount of hair.

“At first, I was very unhappy with the results from The Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic after the 2 months treatment… But… when I compared my after photos with before photos my reaction changed altogether. My hair loss not only stopped in-fact I had grown a substantial amount of hair”, he said.SZG

Mr.S.Z.G. was quite skeptical about the treatment at the outset, but after 2 months he was pleasantly surprised with the result.

No matter where you undergo a hair loss treatment, make sure you take appropriate photos, as described, and compare them after the treatment to assess the hair loss treatment you took.


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