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Do I Need To Use A Particular Type Of Shampoo?

Most regular shampoos on the market do not assist with hair regrowth. However, the Aushair Hair Health Shampoo contains a number of key herbs that are also found in our hair regrowth tonics. These active plant ingredients provide stimulation and nutrition to hair follicles which can help with hair regrowth, hair loss prevention and improve your existing hair volume.

Do I Need To Use Conditioner For My Hair?

We recommend using a conditioner for long hair. Apply from the ends of the hair to the roots but not on the scalp to avoid excess oiliness. The Aushair Hair Health Conditioner is an excellent product to improve your hair shaft smoothness and shininess.

Can The Hair Health Comb Help My Hair?

This comb can be used to massage your scalp which can stimulate blood circulation to your hair follicles to improve hair health. It can improve the absorption of the Home Use tonic if used before applying. Use for 3-5 minutes each time at least once per day on affected areas.

Do I Need To Take The Hair Health Tablets?

These can be useful in cases where people are tired, over-stressed, not sleeping well or have low immune function. By improving your general health, the health of your hair also improves.

Watch video for more details –

Can I Use Home Products If I Am Having In-clinic Treatment?

Yes you can. Please let our staff know if you wish to add any Home Use products such as tonics, tablets to your program. If you have already joined one of our treatment programs then we offer 10% off any additional Aushair products used.

How Soon Can I Exercise After An In-clinic Treatment?

You can exercise on the same day however we recommend not too much excessive sweating on the scalp for this first day. From the second day following treatment you can exercise as per normal.

Can I Go Swimming After My In-clinic Treatment?

Yes you can, on the day after your treatment.

Do I Need To Take Any Vitamin Supplements?

If you have been using a vitamin supplement then you may continue using it. However, there is no need to start taking a supplement with our treatment program.

What Happens If I Miss A Day Of Home Use Treatment?

If this happens just continue on the following day at the normal recommended dosage. Try not to allow this to happen too often as the correct treatment intensity is an important factor for best results.

How Soon Should I Book My Next Detox Treatment?

About 4-5 weeks later.

For scalp issues, treatments are usually every 2 weeks.

Do I Need To Change My Diet?

Yes you can.

If you are having our monthly in-clinic detox treatment then we recommend colouring hair about 2 weeks before or after your visit. If you are using our Home Use program then you can colour your hair at any time.

Can I Use An Oil Or Cream On My Scalp After My In-clinic Treatment?

No. Please do not apply any oils or creams to your scalp during your program as these can interfere with the detoxification process and also cause excessive scalp oiliness.

Can I Colour My Hair During The Treatment Program?

We recommend that you eat a healthy diet with 3 proper meals per day.

When Can I Start To See Results?

Results will vary from person to person. Factors affecting your results include your type of hair loss, your current level of hair loss, the type of treatment that you choose and your treatments goals and expectations.

Please note that everybody’s expectation is different. What are we trying to achieve: delay the hair loss/thinning process, maintain your current hair condition, 30% recovery or full recovery (100% back to normal).

This is why the initial consultation is so important because we can better understand your goals and expectations.

Your Trichologist has already provided you with a treatment plan and approximate timeline regarding improvement of your condition.

We recommend following this recommended timeline and then we will arrange your first photo review session.

If you are looking for a hair regrowth result then

this will be difficult to achieve after just one bottle of tonic or one month of treatment.

Please follow your Trichologists treatment plan and approximate timeline regarding improvement of your condition.

Also keep in mind that gradual improvement in your hair condition is difficult to detect without a photo comparison. So please complete this before judging the effectiveness of the treatment.

What If I Don’t See Any Results Or My Hair Condition Is Not Improving After 2-3 Months Or At The Half Way Point Of My Program?

It is not unusual for people to think that there has been no improvement after a few months or at the half way point of your treatment program. The main reason for this is that people cannot remember their hair condition prior to starting treatment. Results will vary from person to person. However you should complete the recommended treatment time outlined by the Trichologist and then arrange a photo review session. This timeline is important because it allows sufficient time for the treatment to provide an effect and this will make it clearer for people to see the improvement during the photo review session. If the timeline is too short then you may not agree that there has been a positive result after seeing your Before and After Photos.

Do not stop treatment during your program as this will be a waste of your time and money. In our experience only a very small percentage of people can actually see improvements in their hair condition during their program. Especially in cases of early and advanced hair thinning, it is very difficult for people to remember their hair condition before starting treatment. By using our professional photo comparison system we can clearly show people the improvement in these cases. Please be patient during your program and follow our specialist’s treatment plan and timeline for the best result possible.

Gradual change is difficult to detect without a photo comparison, and it is easier when you can look back. Without photos, how can you compare your results?

Mr S.Z.G. was quite skeptical about the treatment at the onset, but he was pleasantly surprised with the result.

Taking your photos is essential for you to be happy with our treatment. No-one can remember the amount of hair they had prior to starting treatment with Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic – this is a vital lesson we have leant from over 20 years of clinical experience. For this reason, we insist that a ‘Before Photo’ and ‘After Photo’ are taken. We think photo comparison is so important.

Truth be told, Mr S.Z.G at first, was very unhappy with his results from Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic after he finished our Home Use Package…but…when Mr S.Z.G compared his ‘After Photo’ (taken after treatment) with his ‘Before Photo’ (taken before treatment), his reaction changed from being unhappy to very happy! He could see straight away by comparing these photos that he had stopped his hair loss and in fact re-grown a substantial amount of hair with Australian Hair & Scalp Clinic –

“I realised that I was losing hair and wanted to know what I could do about it. I was quite apprehensive about hair regrowth but after trying this system for a few months I noticed that I had grown some new hair. It was better than what I was expecting”.

So our Home Use program helped Mr S.Z.G achieve a very good result in just a few months.

Watch his story here –

I Noticed More Hair Fall Recently. What Should I Do?

  • If Genetic Thinning – Your hair fall is not the reason for your hair thinning. The reason is the miniaturization process (hair thinning process). If you feel some hair fall before, during or after treatment then up to 50-100 hairs per day is normal. The treatment goal with genetic thinning is to thicken the thinning hair. Some people may have a combination hair problem involving Genetic Thinning together with Diffuse Hair Loss. In this case, hair loss may be reduced with our treatment or it might remain the same or worsen. This is usually determined by your body’s health condition and lifestyle factors such as nutritional deficiency, stress, lack of sleep and certain medications. During our photo review session we will focus on the amount of hair thickened and regrown and not the amount of hair loss/fall.
  • If you consult us with severe hair loss as your major issue, then our specialist will assess your condition and provide the appropriate advice. Our Home Use Tonics and Tablets may be useful to treat this condition after just 4 months of treatment. However, if the treatment has not helped within 4 months to control your hair fall then in our experience, it will probably not help you. Please note that in most severe hair fall cases, general health and stress level are extremely important and will influence this condition.
  • For Alopecia Areata (Patchy Hair Loss) – This is an autoimmune disorder. Any treatment we recommend is not a solution to fix this condition but it may help regrow hair. During the treatment the size of the patches could become larger or more patches could develop. This is very common and if you have dramatic hair fall with this condition during the treatment process then you must contact us as soon as possible for another follow up assessment to record the changed condition.

Ms G.K. was still experiencing hair fall when she came for her follow up photo review. She felt depressed and was in tears, believing that no result had been achieved. However, after her photo review, she could clearly see great improvement after using the Aushair products for a number of months:

Many people present to our clinics with both Diffuse Hair Loss (visible hair fall) and Genetic Hair Loss (thinning hair making the scalp look more visible) at the same time. Together these two conditions can leave people emotionally depressed and very focussed on the amount of hair fall they experience on a daily basis. Diffuse Hair Loss sufferers commonly see their hair fall on their pillow, on the floor of their homes and in the shower after washing their hair. It can be even more distressing when they also see their hair looking thinner so that their scalp becomes more visible.

M.s. G.K. came to our clinic with this exact combined condition. After using our treatment program for many months she attended her first photo review session and felt sad and depressed that her hair had not stopped falling. Our specialist then took another set of hair photos and placed these alongside her original set of photos from many months earlier. To her compete surprise, the photos revealed that her hair thinning issue had been almost 100% fixed (no scalp could be seen at the original problem area). She suddenly became extremely happy as she was much more concerned with her visible scalp issue compared to any amount of hair fall that she was experiencing.

This story is quite common and is a great example of how visible hair fall does not equal visible hair thinning. As Ms. G.K’s case clearly illustrates, just because you are losing hair every day during our treatment, doesn’t mean that you are not regrowing new hair. In fact, we are not always able to control the amount of hair fall people experience. However, we can still regrow hair as well as reduce or even totally fix that visible hair thinning (easy to see the scalp) which many people suffer from.