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Adverse Side Effects of Other Companies

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Watch AusHair Consultant Nick present a seminar on ‘Adverse Side Effects of Other Companies’.

Learn more about the other hair loss treatments available on the market, notably Minoxidil and Finasteride. More importantly, learn about their history of adverse side effects suffered by their users.

Interested in finding out more? We hold regular seminars at our Chadstone clinic at 7.15pm on the first Monday of every month. Receive a $70 Gift Certificate and a small heat pack for attending in person! Otherwise please visit www.aushair.com.au for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

Summary of Video Clip

AusHair Clinic treatments are 100% natural and herbal, with no major side effects reported during the past 20 years.

But what about the other treatments available for hair loss?

The most prescribed pharmaceutical treatments, Minoxidil and Finasteride, have a long and well-documented history of adverse side effects. Ranging from sexual dysfunction to irregular heartbeat, these treatments can be dangerous when used long term. As pattern baldness has a genetic basis, any treatment must be taken for an extended period of time in order to maintain results.

Learn how these treatments may affect you, and view a case study of a pharmaceutical product user. Make an informed choice before you start long term use of these products!

Most importantly, learn how you can have peace of mind from side effects with AusHair and 101 treatments.

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